Frequently Asked Questions -

How long does it take to register?

We can provide you with the provisional registration in 5-7 days, and the final registration will arrive in 2-4 weeks.

How long is the registration valid for?

The registration is valid for 5 years.

Do we need to fly the Greek flag on the boat?

Yes. Boats registered in Greece needs to fly the Greek flag on the boat.

Are inspections required?

To make sure they adhere to safety rules, recreational boats may be subject to recurrent inspections in Greece. Depending on the type of recreational boat and its intended usage, such as the types of waters it will operate in, the number of passengers it may carry, and the size of the vessel, the precise inspection requirements may change. In comparison to bigger or commercial vessels, smaller recreational boats may be subject to less regular inspections.

Greece regularly inspects commercial vessels to make sure they adhere to safety and environmental standards.

What documents are needed to register?

* Proof of ownership: A notarized sales contract or a gift deed.
* Certificate of seaworthiness: A certificate issued by a recognized surveyor or classification society.
* Builder's certificate: A certificate issued by the boat builder certifying the specifications of the boat.
* Insurance certificate: A certificate indicating that the boat is insured for liability and third-party risks.
* Proof of payment of taxes: Proof of payment of any applicable taxes or fees, such as value-added tax (VAT) or a tonnage tax.
* Technical specifications: A document indicating the technical specifications of the boat, such as its length, breadth, and draft.
* Crew list: A list of the crew members and their qualifications.

Can I register as Bareboat charter?

Yes, the boat can be registered as a private, bareboat, commercially.

The registration process

1) Fill in the registration form.
2) Send us the required documents which we will review.
3) The documents are sent for legal translation.
4) You need to send us all documents by email, in PDF or JPEG.
5) The copies of your documentation, the translation and application request are sent to Greece for registration.
6) In 5-7 working days you receive a digital copy of your provisional registration which you can already use to navigate.
7) 2-4 weeks after you have received the provisional registration, you receive your permanent registration document.

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